Axis 360 eBooks for Kindle Fire Devices – via App Store – Step by Step Guide

Compatibility Note

The generation of your Kindle Fire device will determine the method to install the Axis 360 app.

  • First or second generation: Generally not compatible with Axis 360.
  • Later generations: Install from the Amazon App Store using the steps below.
Before getting started, remove old versions of Axis 360 and Blio.

If you previously installed the Axis 360 app by sideloading to your device, remove the older version of the apps from your device before installing the latest version from the Amazon App Store. This will ensure your app runs smoothly, plus you can get automatic notifications when updates are available.

Step 1: Install the Axis 360 app.

Download and install the Axis 360 app via the eLibrary or directly from the Amazon App Store. (You can also get there by going to Apps then selecting Store.)

Step 2: Sign in.

Open the app. Using the search tools, find and select Johnson County Library / Olathe Public Library. When prompted, enter your Library card number and PIN/password, then tap Login.

Step 3: Find a book to check out.

What book are you in the mood for?

  • My Library (home screen) has quick suggestions.
  • Search (magnifying glass) for a title, author or subject.
  • My Stuff (books) has your checked out, on hold and wish list titles.
  • Browse (stacked lines) to see titles by topic. 

Select books with the book icon, meaning it’s an eBook. (eAudiobooks have the headphones icon.) You can also Filter your search results so you only see eBooks or books Available Now to check out.

Tap on the book, then tap the Checkout button.

Step 4: Download your eBook.

Now you can read your eBook! Tap Download Now, or you can Return the title early. (It will automatically expire after 21 days, so you’ll never have an overdue eBook!) 

Step 5: Read your eBook.

After the title has downloaded, tap Read Now if it doesn’t open automatically.

Swipe from the middle of the screen or tap the edges of the screen to turn pages. Tap the top of the page (on the title) for display options. To exit the eBook, use your device's Back button or tap the top to access the menu, then select Close Book.

Learn more about reading an eBook on your mobile device from Axis 360.

When you close the app, it will remember where you stopped reading. To pick up where you left off, just open the Axis 360 app and go to My Stuff. Tap Continue or Read Now to immediately begin reading, or tap the book cover to go to the Book Details screen for more information.

Come back for more!

There are three easy options for checking out your next eBook:

  1. Axis 360 app: Return to the Axis 360 app and find new books, just as you did before.
  2. Web catalog: Already familiar with our web catalog? It's easy to search for eBooks there, too, especially if you filter your results for the eBook format. Choose a title and select Request this Download to check out or hold eBooks. Check out from any device or computer, and it will automatically appear in your Axis 360 app.
  3. Axis 360 website: Visit the Axis 360 website to search or browse eBooks and eAudiobooks. Check out from any device or computer, and it will automatically appear in your Axis 360 app!

After you check out an eBook, repeat steps 4 and 5 to download and begin reading. Enjoy!