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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is providing the Library’s eBook Service?

Baker & Taylor sells the Library eBooks through a service named Axis 360. Use the Blio application to read eBooks and the Magic Wall to find eBooks for checkout and holds.

What is Blio?

Blio is the name of the app where you read checked out books on your tablet, smartphone or PC. It is not currently available for Mac. The Blio app is free. It's also possible to purchase books (not affiliated with the Library) through the Blio app. Download Blio now »

Will the Blio app work on my Mac?

There is no Blio app (for reading eBooks) available for Mac. But Mac users can check out eBooks on the Magic Wall using a Mac. The eBook will then sync to your tablet or smartphone.

What devices work with the Library’s eBooks?

The Blio app works well on Android and iOS/Apple tablets and smartphone. On traditional eReaders (E Ink), you may read eBooks on devices that support EPUB files. Library staff have found that most Nook, Sony and Kobo devices work as well as the Kindle Fire.

Will my Kindle work with the Library’s eBooks?

It depends on the type of Kindle. E Ink Kindles will not be able to view the Library’s titles. Kindle Fire tablets will be able to view eBooks using the Blio app but have some special instructions.

Can I get any book the Library has in print as an eBook?

We wish. Not all publishers are selling eBooks to libraries. While the Library will have a great selection of eBooks, there are a significant number of titles that the Library cannot buy as an eBook. For example, not all the New York Times Bestsellers will be available for the Library to buy in an eBook format. Patrons can buy some eBook titles directly from publishers (e.g. through Blio, Amazon or which are not being sold to libraries.

The Johnson County Library eBook collection includes fiction, non-fiction and children's eBooks. This collection will focus on popular titles at first. As the collection grows, older titles may be purchased as well as titles available from local authors and independent publishers.

Check out this comparison from Douglas County Library (Colo.) for a table of popular titles which are and are not available for purchase and the related costs.

How can I find an eBook?

All titles will be listed in the Library catalog. Patrons can also browse all eBook titles owned by the Library on the Magic Wall.

How do checkouts work for eBooks?

First-time users, follow the instructions for your device. Returning users, find a title that interests you and select check out. It will appear in your Blio app.

How many eBooks may I check out and how long may I keep them?

Six eBooks and eAudiobooks total may be checked out at a time on a Library card for three weeks. It's possible to make the checkout period shorter if you won't need it that long. When the eBook expires it will no longer be accessible on the device.

Can I place holds on titles that are checked out?

Yes! It's easy to place a hold on an unavailable title. We caution against placing too many holds since you can only have six titles checked out at a time. When the hold is available for checkout, you will receive a notification e-mail. 

Can I renew my eBooks?

eBooks may not be renewed. Even if no one else is waiting, access to the book will expire. You may then return to the website and re-check out the title or place another hold on it.

Can I return my eBook early?

Yes! Return early within the Blio app. Quick instructions:
iPhone/iPad App | Android App | Kindle Fire App | PC App

My book has expired.  Why is it still showing up on my device?

The access to the book expires, but the title is still listed on your device until you delete it. You can either delete each title or use it as a way to track your reading history.

I intended to download an eBook that I could read in Blio on my iPhone or iPad but accidentally downloaded an EPUB. Can I still read it?

Yes. You may use an app called Bluefire to read an EPUB on iPhone or iPad.
Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download the Bluefire app.
  2. Create an Adobe ID - from your tablet's browser (Safari)
  3. Sign into Bluefire with that Adobe ID
  4. Go back to the Magic Wall and download your ePub on your apple device, and choose 'open with...', Bluefire


I'm receiving e-mail from Blio? Are these messages from the Library?

No, these messages come from Blio. You may opt out of these messages by selecting unsubscribe at the bottom of the e-mail.

Adobe Digital Editions gave me this error: Error: E_AUTH_NOT_READY.

This error indicates that someone else has authorized a previous version of ADE. When the new one is installed, it doesn’t erase the previous authorization. To de-authorize, hold down <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+<D>. Click ‘De-authorize’, then re-login with your credentials.

I’m having trouble with the Blio app on my older iPad.

Blio requires iOS5 or higher. To upgrade from iOS4, follow the instructions from Apple.

When clicking the link to the Magic Wall, the screen looks strange.

There is a compatibility issue with older browsers, particularly Internet Explorer. If you can't see any books on the Magic Wall and you're using IE, turn off compatibility mode:

  • click on the icon that looks like a broken page to the right of the address bar or
  • click Tools -> Compatibility Mode Settings -> then uncheck by "Display all websites in compatibility view."

I’m doing everything you suggest with my Nook SimpleTouch and I’m still getting authentication errors. What do I do?

The problem may be that the Nook SimpleTouch still has some old Adobe Digital Editions information on it, preventing authentication for the Library's eBooks. To erase the old Adobe authentication:

  1. Plug in your SimpleTouch to your PC.
  2. Open the device’s folder.
  3. Delete any files you see that have “Adobe Digital Editions” in the title.
  4. The next time you try to transfer an eBook through Adobe Digital Editions, the SimpleTouch will recreate the files using the new authentication and allow the book to transfer.

Where can I get more help?

Please, don't hesitate to visit us at one of our 13 locations or contact us. We are happy to help.

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