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Q: Where is the pork chop?

A: Let us show you.

Join us as Local Pig butchers demonstrate how to butcher half a hog and discuss locally sourced products and humanely raised meats. 

Do not expect a boring presentation. We will have an actual pig, with actual knives and actual cutting of actual meat. It will be entertaining. . .actually. 


Books and Butchers
Saturday Nov. 3, 2012
2 - 4 p.m. 
Central Resource Library
No Registration Necessary

Who is Local Pig:

Local Pig turns happy, local meats into a wide selection of steaks, seasoned roasts, chops, sausages, burgers and a variety of charcuterie like bacon, pate and rillettes.

They would love to show you how.

Who is holding the knife:

Alex Pope is a butcher and charcuterier.

He learned his trade in the best way, by reading books.

What you should read:

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